What C4C can do for you?

Insurance is an emotional product, we buy for people and assets that are close to us… reliability is the prime factor we look for in a insurance company. When we think of online insurance, first thing that comes to your mind is, is it reliable option to buy from people you never meet, will they offer commitment till claim time ?

We check with people we trust, friends, relatives or well wishers - for right insurance options.

But, do they know everything about insurance? Probably they may not know. The insurance agent they refer will charge you hefty amount as commission which adds up to your policy premium cost.

That's why we're here. We are reliable and offer you committed services till claim settlement. We've spent years evaluating, analyzing insurance products, so that we offer you most precise insurance market calculators and comparison tools easy for you to use and lets you select right cover.

Our experts are gurus of Indian insurance industry and they know the market a lot better than any other aggregator. We bring along all top insurance providers together here for you to choose. We offer unbiased advice, giving you the freedom of selecting insurance plan from any insurer in current market.

C4C specializes in offering offline and online insurance custom made for you.

C4C is a one tap solution for every insurance requirement. Offers all insurance products you need most.

Fix an appointment to meet an expert at your doorstepand purchase insurance online / offline.

Give us your details, we shall call you. Speak to expert understand all plan options then decide to buy online / offline.

We assist you with renewals and claims processing. We will stand by you all through policy term.

We help you with everything and anything about insurance products.

- Speak to experts representing all insurers - Buy Online / Offline

- Meet an expert at your doorstep from insurers - Buy Online / Offline

- Watch videos and read plan info - Buy Online

- Switch between offline and online modes during sale and delivery.

- Renewals - Online

- Claims processing - Online

Compare Right, Cover Bright