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Various gadgets have become vital part of our daily life. Mobiles, laptops, iPads, Kindle, Digital Cams etc. We rely on our gadgets for so many of our daily activities. For sending email’s, internet browsing, downloading files and apps, social media, storage of our files etc. They are not only important for daily personal or work related activities, they also have our important data. Insurers today are offering various different types of covers. Such covers include cover in case of theft or robbery, breakage, accidental damage etc.

Gadgets covered under gadget insurance

The gadgets that fall under Gadget Insurance India are:-

• Iphone

• Mobile phone

• Laptop

• iPod

• iPad

• Mac book

• Smartphone

• Digital Camera

• Kindle

Risks covered under Gadget Insurance

While we are dealing with a wide range of devices that are to be covered, then the coverage level should also match up to that level. The gadget insurance is found out with various different types of covers. Such covers include cover in case of theft or robbery. Under such costs, if there is a theft of the gadget that is insured, then the cost will be borne by the insurance company under which the gadget has been insured. This coverage also extends to when the benefactor of the policy is travelling. If the gadgets suffer any kind of accidental damage on the travel or even theft, then the insurance company is bound to bear with the expenses that are incurred on it.

Features vary from plan to plan provided by different insurers. However below are widely covered risks.

Robbery / theft

Fire / allied perils

Physical / fluid damage

Accidental damage

Virus protection

What is not covered under Gadget Insurance

Like inclusions vary plan to plan from different insurers, exclusions may also vary. There are plans with no exclusions also. However most plans exclude below factors

Damage / theft due to negligence

Damage / theft due to intentional acts

Which features to look for while buying gadget insurance?

The Best gadget insurance comes with a lot of features. It comes with low to no exclusions. Along with that, some companies also given in no waiting periods, so that the coverage of the mobile phone starts with the commencement of the policy. While choosing the gadget insurance know your requirements and analyze risks according to your life style and choose insurance that covers those risks. In today’s time, the need for a gadget insurance cover has become more of a need than a liability. These insurance covers have become more popular these days with the advent of the new and upcoming smart phones and smart gadgets.

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