Education Insurance calculator

Kids are best found treasures in parent’s lives. Every parent anticipates best future for their kids. It’s better to plan ahead instead of leaving future uncertain to destiny. Education is the greatest asset we can give our kids.

Common questions we have regarding kids education

Education Expenses, When to invest, how much to invest ?

To know answers for above questions, fill in below details, we will calculate figures for you

Stages Course Age(when required) Cost (As on today) Inflation Assumed Expected Future cost Select
1 10th Standard 16 50000 6% 53000
2 12th Standard 18 300000 6% 318000
3 Graduation 21 600000 6% 636000
4 Post Graduation 23 1200000 6% 1272000
5 Addition courses 24 500000 6% 530000
Total amount
Current Child Age:
Age at amount needed:
Total Cost
Invest Term:
Expected returns:
Monthly investment

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