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Two wheeler Insurance is insurance that can be taken to cover damages that might occur in case of accident, damages to third party vehicle or person, self or self-motor bike can be covered. Third party bike insurance is mandatory at India. As per 1988 motor act, third party liability insurance has been made mandatory to ride two wheeler in public places.

Types of Bike Insurance

1. Third party Liability Insurance

2. Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Third party Insurance

It covers damages that occurs during accident due to your fault. Damages to third party vehicle and riders are only covered in this policy. Damages to your bike and yourself is not covered under this. This is basic and mandatory cover

Benefits of third party bike insurance

Peace of mind

Cheaper as coverage is limited

Instance delivery, quick policy issuance

Online purchase and renewal available

Comprehensive Bike Insurance

As the name suggests it covers third party damages to their property or injury to riders. Also covers wear & tear of your bike, personal injury, medical expenses for injury to third party or self. Add-ons can be taken for accessories, theft etc.

Benefits of Comprehensive cover

Though it might come little expensive than Third party cover, it offers more cover than just liability.

Accidental damage to bike is covered

Personal injury medical expenses are also covered

Instance delivery, quick policy issuance

Online purchase and renewal available with most insurance companies

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