World was a mundane place, insurance was sold and bought old fashioned way, from insurance agent who would brag about returns and won't reveal charges. You bought without understanding the plan, how it would help you or is it even profitable.

Then came the age of web aggregators. Collects your details, countless calls till policy is sold, disappear once you pay. Miss-selling, false offers, hidden charges, you pay but no cover for months... heaps of hassles. ​


We came along to save the world.

Ahem... to save you from insurance miss-selling. To give you easy and quick insurance. ​

We are no less than superheroes on a mission to save the world. ​

Our mission is to make insurance easiest and most transparent product to buy offline or online. ​

We want you to understand what YOU want to buy and make a independent informed decision. ​

We do what we do best, Insuring you...We give you right tools and info, you compare, cover and manage your policies on our portal.

So you have more time to do what you do best - your work, your life and stay happy, peaceful.

  • Your contact information is not mandatory. Provide details required for cover only.
  • We don't call you, unless you want
  • We won't force sell, we guide you, you decide.​
  • We give you every detail, explain benefits and reveal charges.​
  • Better before sales support, best after sale support​
  • You are once our customer, you are for life, come to us for help at anytime during the policy term.​​
  • Better before sales support, best after sale support​
  • Get Quick, Easy and Right Cover you want.

We are a young company, with a big vision to ease your out for what we have in store, best is yet to come..